Salt Flats Bride

I always wanted to make some photos of a bride at  the Salt Flats.

So I met Irina. She said, yes!

I invited other inters of JarvieU. Megan and Amanda came along the endeavor. you should check their photos as well in the link provided at the end of this post.

So off we go in a road trip…in  a road…to the Salt Flats …about 150 miles away from my house.

and it rains as we drive in the road… the sky isn’t the perfect image that we were looking for…

…but we are also hoping for pass right through the rain and when we get there everything should miraculous change to our benefit…

We don’t give up…and we start testing our lights and shooting the bride anyways.
we are glad we did it…

our poor bride had a cold and we had to stop several times to let her clean her nose…or sometimes we didn’t stop just walked around like here for example

while we wait for the sun to set…we keep shooting… and it’s all flat and salty…got it? haha

one upside about the rain is that the rainbow follows it

And the sun sets at the Salt Flats to create this beautiful backdrop for our beyond gorgeous bride.

you can see more photos of this session here: Marco Greis’photography

Thanks to Amanda Campbell, Megan Newhouse to come along, bring ideas and also their lights, Scott Jarvie for teaching me how to capture this great background and I have still a lot to learn.


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