enchanted forest with a few mosquitoes

A couple weeks ago we ( 4 JarvieU interns and Scott Jarvie) went to up the mountains to make some Formal photos of Will and Kim.

It’s beautiful up there now. all green just like an enchanted forest…one problem…lots of mosquitoes

While we were taking turns and taking photos Scott Jarvie was giving us points on how to take the best pictures of the bride and groom.

Here are a couple of the ones I took that day:

 030IMG_8980 067IMG_9054 065_DSC9713

photo above by Amanda Campbell

 036IMG_9061 077IMG_9113


(Photo above by Scott Jarvie)

Amanda Campbell said something about like ” a unicorn that came to the enchanted forest to check out our beautiful princess…”

ok…actually it was a deer that came to check our bride in a mosquito infested forest.


Congrats to Wil and Kim . Their wedding is next Wednesday and I am lucky to be part of theirs most special day by being their wedding photographer.
If you would like to see more photos of this photo-shoot you can go to the Jarvie digital website Wil & Kim’s gallery.

thanks again for visiting my photo-blog.


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