First View Carolina + Mauro

This photo-shoot documents the fist time Mauro ( Groom) sees Carolina ( his bride) on her beautiful dress.

Essentially the idea is to document the first time they see each other, she all dressed up.

This is Mauro and Carolina on their wedding day…

She text me to tell that she is on the way…he doesn’t know yet that she is right behind him.

It was great to have a second photographer (Amanda Campbell) to capture completely different images from other angles.

we gave them about 5 minutes to have that special moment just for themselves while we shot from far away…

…they turned to the temple where they were going to be sealed for time and eternity.

They have plans to start a family and be happy ever after…

They share more moements together around the temple….

They were a fun couple to make photos for…

These photos were taken in a period of just one hour. Have we had more time I would take more photos of this fun couple.

Thanks for looking.

Go here to see more photos of Carolina and Mauro special day


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