2010 Utah Brazilian Festival

2010 September 11th was the day for the 2010 Utah Brazilian Festival

Salt Lake City at the Gateway mall

Thousands of people gathered to dance, eat, and celebrate the brazilian culture.

Brazilians are super happy! and they party like no other…

What a wonderful day with our community! So tinha gente bonita!!! Thank you everyone for your love and great support at the Utah Brazilian Festival 2010 at the Gateway Mall, Salt Lake City!!! We love Utah and our people! (Matilde Teixeira Wosnjuk)

Capoeirista não podia faltar…

The crowd went frenetically crazy with Marcio Mendes e Banda Mix Brasil!

Everyone stops for a minute to look at the photographer. lol

…and the dancing goes on…

Zumba lovers were there

The brazilian festival yesterday was absolutely great!!! Good food, great music, family around, awesome friends, lots of dancing… What else could I hope for??? Well… Maybe I could hope that it was like that every day!!!(Lily R Miller)

this kid wants to charge me 25 cents to take a picture of him :/

little kids were enjoying a lazy time with their daddies

Tchau and thanks for visiting my blog. click here to see more photographs of the 2010 Utah Brazilian Festival

Feel free to copy the photos from the gallery and post on your blog or facebook. IT’s free for non-commercial use and I would appreciate you tagging myself in the photo.

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