wedding baloon proposal

Abel proposed today to Haley with the help of their friends.

They wrote “MARRY ME !” with tons of balloons and friends. ( Note the exclamation point rather than and interrogation).

he had a ring and she was blindfolded

this is Haley by the way…I met her today and she is very fun, goofy and smart.

he brought her to a place the other side of the field where she could see the balloons and he prepare her to the proposal

like a gentleman…he popped the question…

I wasn’t sure from where  I was with my zoon lenses if she said yes but soon I could tell by the excitement

yeap! She said YES!

lets show it to all friends

The “LET’S DO IT!” card has something to do with the way her father proposed to her mom…I think!

well…they I took them around the park for some pictures….

Thanks for visiting. You saw it first…I will be posting more photos of this session. They are all very nice photographs.

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