I Shoot Photographers- a Scott’s Jarvie workshop

Here is my favorite picture of my dog and myself at one of Scott Jarvie workshops this Year in April.

He is a great professional and is teaching a workshop tonight that I want you all to know about…

(above; photo from the last year workshop from jarviedigital.com)

I SHOOT YOU – (In the Face)
this Tuesday (Tonight)  Scott Jarvie will do an evening where everyone can show up …bring your family or like pets and your nice clothes or anyway you like.

It will be turn into a type of workshop where Scott will tell why he is placing them where he is  placing them, what settings, he’ll use reflectors, diffusers and flash and explain what’s going on there.

He is not promising immaculate organization but it will be lots of learning.

If you have a group that is coming then I suggest we give you an order to be shot in. For the individual shots we’ll just throw you in.

From 5:20 every 20 minutes we’ll try to rotate.

This is a free shoot, however he is not doing discs. You can use them for blogs and facebook as much as you’d like.
Pictures will be available online where you can order prints or just purchase the print rights.

You can just come and learn… because this is another Tuesday class.


FAQ – What do my kids do while they wait… well I suppose they hike with the other parental unit. Play around. OR – you drive seperately and they just come for when we need them and you stick around.

FAQ – what do we wear? Seriously you’re asking me? Umm wear what you want to be seen in. My policy is I trust you and whatever you wear I’ll make look good.

FAQ – how do we decide our order. I don’t want to turn this into a lot of work. Just put your time in the comment field there are three each hour ex) 6:00, 6:20, 6:40 – The holes will be filled with the single individuals or just plain instruction

FAQ – Should I bring a camera. Sure

FAQ – Are there any other questions? You tell me

thanks for visiting. there are more photographs of last year Jarvie’s  charitable event here.


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