Vegas wedding

So yesterday I cover an engagement in real time. I got the shots when all his friends were setting up hundreds of balloons. Click here to see some of the photographs of this day.

I was very excited to find out that the future bride is from Las Vegas and they are planning to get married there. I have some great ideas ( at least I think they are great) for photographs over there.

Many of these ideas were inspired by my friend and mentor Scott Jarvie. On August 2010 I had a chance to accompany him in one of his weddings to work as his second-shooter/assistant.

Here are some of the photographs Scott took and I assisted with the lights, diffusers and reflectors.

I am going to start from the very end of it. After the reception we met at the strip. Around 11PM ish This is one of the very last photos at the Belagio. they sit to rest Scott is in front of them and I am holding the flash with a soft box to diffuse the light right from above them.

At the reception ( I think these two might been taken by myself).

at the Las Vegas Temple…

thanks for visiting.


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