Photographing People 2 with Kenneth Linge

Saturday was a rainy day! I was fortunate enough to spend the whole day from 11AM – 7:30PM with Kenneth Linge at the International School of Photography and attend for the second time his class on “Photographing People – Part 2”.

He is indeed a Master of photography and shared with us some important lessons about lighting in Portrait vs fashion photography as well as many other aspects of photographing people.

Here are some frames I took during the class. This is the second time I have a chance to work with one of my favorite models, Jamie Watkins Worrall

Please understand that I can’t take full credit for these photographs, yes I clicked the button and I was the one to frame the exposure but the lights are credit of the Master Kenneth Linge. And if anything is wrong is my fault because I am still learning. 😉

one thing that he was really excited about was the LED lights. He had a couple there to show us how it works.

The bellow ones were accomplished with the natural light from the window magnified with the LED panel Kenneth is holding above.

Our model in a moment of fun in front of the camera.

Thanks for visiting.
Click here for info on Kenneth Linge Seminars.
Click here for more frames I took from Jamie.


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