I love this session with the Thomas family.

There are many reasons. The colors, the mood, the light, etc

Here are a couple ideas if you are looking for a session like that:

Bring up ideas for your photos and trust your photographer if he suggest some changes.

Be relaxed with kids, remember that when they happy the photos can be great.

Bring snacks for the kid and maybe their favorite toy.

for a couple moments do whatever you would do as a family and forget you have a photographer. A good photographer will find very good candid frames that you might like a lot later.

This session was done in about 20 minutes because we had to hush since the dad had an appointment, but when possible schedule your session and be ready for delays.

Here are some of my favorites frames.

Some I like in Black and white

Thanks for visiting. For more photos of the Thomas family you can go here.


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