Feliz Natal

Yesterday a primary teacher asked the kids to share the very first thing that came up to their minds when they think about the word Christmas.

Some of the words where
Santa Claus

I could not help to think about my family and the beaches in Brasil.
Yes, In Brasil where I came from is Summer now and every year we spent the Christmas at the beach. Swimming, fishing, surfing, playing soccer in the sand, warm weather, yes I enjoy all of it.
Well… while I don’t have a beach here in Utah we do have snow and there are many fun things we can do with it.

I am very grateful to have my family to make my life happier. They are my motivation to be a better person. As said someone once:

“Family is the source of all happiness!”

oh and there is one thing I wanna to tell my friends and the friends of my friends:  Thanks for visiting the blog and supporting my work, for sharing/tagging photos on facebook for being excited about my photography.

In 2010 I recorded many memories of people in photography and I wish I will be able to keep doing that through 2011 and on.

And something about Jesus…

“Let us all make this year’s Christmas season a time of rejoicing and celebration, a time when we acknowledge the miracle that our Almighty God sent His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem the world!” Dieter F. Uchtdorf

My family and I wish you all a Happy Merry Christmas.


Marco Greis.


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