KBYU TV International about photography part 1

BYU Television International is a cable/satellite television channel operated by Brigham Young University. BYU Television International broadcasts simultaneously in English, Spanish and Portuguese, with most of the programming also seen on its sister channel, BYU Television. I got an invitation to participate in a program about photography.

Broadcasting via Satellite, BYU Television International is available in most parts of the world. It aims to provide viewers worldwide with high-quality, educational and inspirational programming. It is available through direct satellite broadcast services such as Dish Network and DIRECTV, as well as on the internet using Move Networks streaming video technology.

Well, they were doing a show on photography and they invited me for an interview. The reporter asked me a few questions and I invited 2-3 couples that I had photographed before to participate as models and to be interviewed as well.

So I will be posting blog posts with the photos of these three couples. Keep in mind that the main purpose wasnt to do the photography but to ” pose ” for the TV show. This is the outcome of my shooting.

First,  is Norman and Xiomara. I photographed them at his proposal, engagement, Wedding day and many other times.

they are fun to have around…

…they have that loving connection

Too shoot inside of a building at night is always complicated for me. The low light condition is still a challenge. It can be difficult to get the right color temperature and the sharpness I wish for in my frames. For these I choose a prime 50mm 1.4 and I shot in f/4 and the ISO up to 600-800 with flash off camera.

Thanks for visiting. The program will be aired at KBYU International from May 2011.


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