2011 Holi Festival of Colors

Photos from the festival of colors will be ready soon. I had an engagement session with Camilla and Diogo and lots of randoms photos of people having fun at he festival. I absolutely love vivid + vibrant colors on my images.  Festival of colors gave me a great opportunity to play with it. Here you can see the first photos I post processed.

This girl didn’t see that coming. Disclaimer: No person was harmed in the making of this frames. 😉

The eyes are attracted to the minorities said once Kenneth Linge. I love the white on her eyes contrast with all the colors.

…and final but not least…I had a chance to make some fun and unique frames of Camilla and Diogo to celebrate their recent engagement. They were super fun to work with. I will write a blog post just about this later.

Thanks for visiting the blog. I took more than 1000 photos at the festival and you can see all the photos in this link. Not all are ready yet but I will be uploading more as they are ready.

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