Camilla + Diogo + festival of Colors

I was very excited about the Holi Festival of Colors 2011. Well, first I like colored photography. I like vivid + Vibrant colors.
It’s not that I dislike black and white. It’s just to simple to do in my opinion. Nothing wrong with that either, I just prefer colors.

Besides loving colored images I love engagements sessions. It’s when I feel I can capture the romance, young love, passion and other related expressions that remind us about LOVE.

So I got super exited that Camilla and Diogo accepted my suggestion to shoot an engagement session for them at the Holi Festival of Colors in Utah.
All clean…

That is his mom having a lot of fun with the colors…

In the middle of all trowing, noise and screaming of people the only thing important was each other

Congratulations to Camilla and Diogo. You both were awesome.

Thanks for visiting the blog. Click this link for more images of this engagement and the holi festival of colors.

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