The Cooleys

About 2 months ago, in March I posted a  at my facebook fans page (please visit and make sure you “like” it)  this image and a fun competition:

Would you like a Free Photo Session with me?

What do you say the woman is thinking, and how can you relate with the couple kissing?

We got over a 100 replies, lots of fun stuff that people came up with and Shannon Cooley was the most voted. She got the most “likes” on her idea:

“Oh man, I stepped into the middle of an engagement photo again!”
It took two months for us to schedule it because they were living out of the state of Utah, and finally last week we got together in the middle of a afternoon to make their photo session with me. I loved to see them again after a while and their little girl just stole my heart. She was incredible cute and incredible content with me shooting around her.

We started at a orchard in Provo, It’s the one on center street and 1000 East.

The next session of images is when she literately stole my heart!! [sigh]

This is the kind of frames that I enjoy to capture…

This image got several comments on Facebook…

well, this is the last one I will share here today. I think we accomplished together to capture some good moments and the personality of the baby in this session. Thanks again for the parents that came all the way here for a complimentary session with me.

Thanks for visiting. Click here if you would like to see more images of this session in higher resolution and sizes.

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