Engage Lizi + Dave

I present to you a couple in love.

They are both fun, I can see how they found each other and got connected.
Here are some images of Lizi and Dave engagement session.

Since that tree was of importance to them I told them to stay a little bit away from it to facilitate to add the tree to the composition. I also asked them to forget I was there and to talk about anything that brings a good mood to the scene.

I knew it was working because you can tell here that they did forget about me being there 😉
Having some fun before we left the park in direction to the lake… we were thinking about getting some pictures with the sunset.
I make all my images in vibrant + vivid colors but I also add to every package complimentary black and whites because I know some people just love them monochrome.
Because the time I knew we would not make to the lake in time so I suggested a construction site on 1860 South Provo.
It’s fun to shoot a couple that has a fun personality…
when the flash doesn’t go off we can get the silhouette images that I always like to add 1 or 2 in every session.
 Lizi and Dave will get married at the Manti temple of the month of June, 2011. For more images of them in love you can click here.
thanks for visiting.

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