Marta Elena

So, I don’t do pregnant session that often. I don’t have much clue about poses and pregnancy photos ideas.  So when Marta Elena asked me to make some photos of her I was willing to do it as long as she collaborates with the making of the images. I told her bring the props and choose a location and let’s give it a try. I am glad we did, she is beautiful and a joy to work with.

How do I photograph a pregnant woman? well, almost the same way I would do a non-pregnant one. 🙂 I start with some shots to test lighting and to warm her up…

Then seek for a good place with plenty of light. In the middle of the day is becoming my favorite time to shoot.
Some head-shots…
One of my favorite moments was when the baby started kicking inside the mom’s belly.
I had a feeling that I would get some natural expressions from the mom because of that…
and she still kicking in there….
shooting from the ground…

from the side without moving her a completely different image
When the background is much brighter the subject gets darker very fast and it’s a great opportunity to tell a story with a silhouette image.
Then we headed to a park, the stop I wanted was taken by another photographer and while we were waiting for our turn I noticed that the light at 7:30PM of the sun setting was really nice one her and on the background. I, then snapped these frames really quick.
Thanks for visiting.

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