Carla pre-session

The pre-session is a photo session that I offer complimentary to all my wedding  couples and quinceaneras.  There are many benefits from doing that. One of the reason I like to do a pre-session with my clients is that they get to know me, get to know my personality so at the big event day I will no longer be a stranger taking pictures at their party.
Here is a pre-session and I choose to post only the black and white ones. At the end of this post I will post a link to all images.

Kids’ moments

Some pics just of the kids at their family session. I like to watch what kids are doing. Some of their moments are precious to register with photography.

The parents said: Kiss her! Kiss her! I don’t think she liked the idea.

It’s a great time to practice some of my new dance moves….

Oh Girls! Wanna have fu…un! Oh Girls! Wanna have fu…un…

May I have a dance you you?   Oh! Of course!(giggles)

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Daniel part 1

I love colored photos.

I used to tease a friend of mine that likes black and white because they are easier to make. lol.

Here are some high contrasted black and white photos of the little Daniel, his mom, his dad, and his grandma inside of their house.

I will post the colored ones in the part2.

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kids in the park

Family and kids are a fun subject to shoot!
I can tell you that I had lots of fun with these kids.

Here is the group. We tried many times something serious but did not accomplished.

The little sister was so cute and fun…

She is laughing because she is excited about her dance class that is going to start the very next day.

the little one had fun posing….


and also some of the mom with the kids…

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2010 Utah Brazilian Festival

2010 September 11th was the day for the 2010 Utah Brazilian Festival

Salt Lake City at the Gateway mall

Thousands of people gathered to dance, eat, and celebrate the brazilian culture.

Brazilians are super happy! and they party like no other…

What a wonderful day with our community! So tinha gente bonita!!! Thank you everyone for your love and great support at the Utah Brazilian Festival 2010 at the Gateway Mall, Salt Lake City!!! We love Utah and our people! (Matilde Teixeira Wosnjuk)

Capoeirista não podia faltar…

The crowd went frenetically crazy with Marcio Mendes e Banda Mix Brasil!

Everyone stops for a minute to look at the photographer. lol

…and the dancing goes on…

Zumba lovers were there

The brazilian festival yesterday was absolutely great!!! Good food, great music, family around, awesome friends, lots of dancing… What else could I hope for??? Well… Maybe I could hope that it was like that every day!!!(Lily R Miller)

this kid wants to charge me 25 cents to take a picture of him :/

little kids were enjoying a lazy time with their daddies

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some portraits with the 50mm 1.4

A new friend/photographer let me borrow his 50MM 1.4 and his Canon 5D today

We went to the park with the family and took some photographs.

I loved it! Shooting with the highest aperture making the subject on focus and blurring the background.

Here is my wife and her friend Adolfina

above is Eli eating watermelon and below is Zekie that is now 11 months old

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