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my 10 yrs old Eli is inter

Elijah is 10 years old and he likes to go with me everywhere.

Today we went to downtown in Curitiba and i snapped these few pictures of him.

I am glad that he choose well his soccer team in Brasil. Just like his dad, he is Internacional de Porto Alegre.
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fast session

Often in photography we don’t have a lot of time to plan before we have to do a session. Also often because some circumstances we might have to run as fast as we can do deliver the image. While I prefer to plan a shoot way before, sometimes a photographer has to work fast. Here is a sample of a mini session.
10 minutes = 20 images.
This is Stephanie, and while she was assisting in a shoot for her mom, we made together a really quick session for her. It took no longer than 10 minutes to get about 20 frames that were good.  I would like to share today Steph’s mini-session. I am thinking it’s a very practical way to get some nice images really fast and if there is interest I will be doing more of this.

1) It’s very cost effective

2) Its fast

3) and it’s fun

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Jessica and Brittany

Jessica and Brittany are two good friends. They are fun to work with. We ended up at the Provo Cemetery to shoot this session. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon.

I am using no flash here, the light on them is simply the light reflected from the little road right in the middle of the cemetery.

This is Jessica

This is Brithanny

we had plenty of fun doing the shoot.

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Vanessa is my first Quinceanera model. I was very excited to photograph her. She is a pretty girl and I know her family very well.

I think is great when people bring a different outfit to change. Vanessa loves to dance!

The sun sets around 7PM now and 1/2 hour before and after the time the sun sets  is a great time to make this colorful frames.

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