Marta Elena

So, I don’t do pregnant session that often. I don’t have much clue about poses and pregnancy photos ideas.  So when Marta Elena asked me to make some photos of her I was willing to do it as long as she collaborates with the making of the images. I told her bring the props and choose a location and let’s give it a try. I am glad we did, she is beautiful and a joy to work with.

How do I photograph a pregnant woman? well, almost the same way I would do a non-pregnant one. 🙂 I start with some shots to test lighting and to warm her up…

Then seek for a good place with plenty of light. In the middle of the day is becoming my favorite time to shoot.
Some head-shots…
One of my favorite moments was when the baby started kicking inside the mom’s belly.
I had a feeling that I would get some natural expressions from the mom because of that…
and she still kicking in there….
shooting from the ground…

from the side without moving her a completely different image
When the background is much brighter the subject gets darker very fast and it’s a great opportunity to tell a story with a silhouette image.
Then we headed to a park, the stop I wanted was taken by another photographer and while we were waiting for our turn I noticed that the light at 7:30PM of the sun setting was really nice one her and on the background. I, then snapped these frames really quick.
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Engage Lizi + Dave

I present to you a couple in love.

They are both fun, I can see how they found each other and got connected.
Here are some images of Lizi and Dave engagement session.

Since that tree was of importance to them I told them to stay a little bit away from it to facilitate to add the tree to the composition. I also asked them to forget I was there and to talk about anything that brings a good mood to the scene.

I knew it was working because you can tell here that they did forget about me being there 😉
Having some fun before we left the park in direction to the lake… we were thinking about getting some pictures with the sunset.
I make all my images in vibrant + vivid colors but I also add to every package complimentary black and whites because I know some people just love them monochrome.
Because the time I knew we would not make to the lake in time so I suggested a construction site on 1860 South Provo.
It’s fun to shoot a couple that has a fun personality…
when the flash doesn’t go off we can get the silhouette images that I always like to add 1 or 2 in every session.
 Lizi and Dave will get married at the Manti temple of the month of June, 2011. For more images of them in love you can click here.
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happy prepared accident

After the sun sets it can be a little bit difficult for the photographer to get some good photos since the light source rapidly goes away.

However is when the difficult comes that the creativity and skills can overcome it to make still some pretty frames.

I love silhouette and I am going to share how I ” Prepare”  to get some silhouette frames as well as great frames with the use of one Flash.

List of equipment used here

Canon 5D ( original)
24-70mm 2.8L
Flash 580 EX  Off-camera on manual mode
Cactus V4 radio wireless triggers

The idea:
To explain this I will borrow the words of David Terry when he commented on the same photo I posted on my FB page:
” … Set your camera exposure for the sky and let the flash light up the couple. It’s perfect. Then when the flash doesn’t go off … it’s still perfect. Perhaps a better term is a happy prepared accident. ”

The Result:
Here is what happens when the flash “fails” to fire off

(1/60 sec at f/2.8  ISO 250)

And here with the flash firing on them

Here is another example of the same idea. The posing them in a superhero pose is optional 😉

(1/200 sec at f/5.0  ISO 100)

(1/200 sec at f/5.0  ISO 100)

(1/200 sec at f/5.0  ISO 100)

(1/200 sec at f/5.0  ISO 100)

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Sunset and the moon

I met Raquel a while ago when we did together a TV show for KBYU International.
She is getting married in two weeks. We went out for their engagement photo-shoot.
We planned on a location that was to far to go before the sun was gone.

So I suggested to stop at this place where we could still have some of the sun. Here are some of the photos we made together. At the end of the day the sun is moving quickly, there is no time to set up everything for the benefit of the photography. We had to move fast, but we got some exposures that we really liked.

They requested a  silhouette, and here are a couple of my tries.

The ” universe”  must be happy with them. We got the sunset and the moon in the same photo session.

Thanks for looking. Thanks Daniel Bean for assisting with the light and reflections .you can see more photos of this session on Raquel’s gallery

The Proposal after the sunset

So I know Norman because he is one of my Capoeira students. Yes I am a Capoeira instructor that loves photography.

The proposal was a surprise for her, when I got there I didn’t realize that it would be so dark. Remember that the best lighting is before sunset. If you take photos during the sunset, you have a fading light source that has a window of 1/2 hour. They got at the location after the sunset and I had only my speedlight flash as a light source. :O

Then I kinda had an idea to turn on the lights of my jeep and shoot against it. I got one of my favorites exposures. A silhouette of they both in this precious moment for them.

When I see this picture I have the impression that they are stopping traffic.