Carla pre-session

The pre-session is a photo session that I offer complimentary to all my wedding  couples and quinceaneras.  There are many benefits from doing that. One of the reason I like to do a pre-session with my clients is that they get to know me, get to know my personality so at the big event day I will no longer be a stranger taking pictures at their party.
Here is a pre-session and I choose to post only the black and white ones. At the end of this post I will post a link to all images.


There are some elements that combined make a beautiful frame to look at. The model, the light, the colors, etc. I am glad that I had an opportunity to shoot Francheska. I love all her photos.

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Vanessa is my first Quinceanera model. I was very excited to photograph her. She is a pretty girl and I know her family very well.

I think is great when people bring a different outfit to change. Vanessa loves to dance!

The sun sets around 7PM now and 1/2 hour before and after the time the sun sets  is a great time to make this colorful frames.

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This is Susan. I met her at the 3rd Annual Crew 843 Photo Shoot Activity in Saint George Utah. I loved to meet and shoot here.
Here are a couple photos of her.

We were in front of a Presbyterian church and when I saw that bell I had to have it of part of my composition.

I am not fun of much florish and use of filters in the photos. Only the basic editing and A include a couple of black and whites.

One of my favorite things that I just love to do with portraits is turn the person around and shoot right into the sun using it as a backlight like in the frame below.

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