Marco Greis found his passion for photography many years ago, when he got his very first camera as a teenager leaving in Brazil.



Working with Marco, you will notice the big smile on his face as he clicks away. His warm nature allows people to overcome their shyness, feel comfortable expressing themselves, and have fun being photographed. Rather than planning the process, he’s quick to observe the strengths in her subject’s features and focuses on capturing them naturally in the best light.

Marco Greis seeks in his photography to make people look attractive, happy, look young and successful -and/or all of these traits.

He currently works in the Utah Valley are and is also available to travel anywhere in the world.

For questions about rates feel free to call him at (801) 602-7195

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Teu site está bombando, muito bom teu trbalho irmão, paarbéns.
    Aquele casal com tatuagem , muito estilosos e muito senssível as tomadas.
    Vai em frente, abraço!

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