casamento templo de São Paulo

Depois de muitos anos tirando fotos de casamentos em templos mormons eu tive uma oportunidade de voltar ao primeiro templo que eu conheci em 1992.
Lá também eu conheci minha esposa, e lá eu trabalhei por um tempo bem legal da minha vida.
Andar por ali troxe pra mim muitas lembrancas boas.
Espero ter mais chances de tirar fotos lá.

2011 Holi Festival of Colors

Photos from the festival of colors will be ready soon. I had an engagement session with Camilla and Diogo and lots of randoms photos of people having fun at he festival. I absolutely love vivid + vibrant colors on my images.  Festival of colors gave me a great opportunity to play with it. Here you can see the first photos I post processed.

This girl didn’t see that coming. Disclaimer: No person was harmed in the making of this frames. 😉

The eyes are attracted to the minorities said once Kenneth Linge. I love the white on her eyes contrast with all the colors.

…and final but not least…I had a chance to make some fun and unique frames of Camilla and Diogo to celebrate their recent engagement. They were super fun to work with. I will write a blog post just about this later.

Thanks for visiting the blog. I took more than 1000 photos at the festival and you can see all the photos in this link. Not all are ready yet but I will be uploading more as they are ready.

Elijah is getting baptized

My son Elijah is over 8 years old and will get baptized on October 9TH, 2010

Though Christ was the Son of God, pure, holy, and without sin, He came to John and asked to be baptized (see Matt. 3:13-17)

He is very excited about that he is going to be baptized by his father…

me: Elijah: Why do you want to be baptized?

him: because is the right thing to do …. you did it dad…. and it was good for you…then I wanna do it as well.

Thanks for visiting the blog.