mountains in Utah are warm at the sunset time

Women from Brazil are very pretty! I was lucky enough to have a change last Saturday to shoot these girls. They are all English students that came here to Utah to learn English and boys, yes they are single.
For these images I asked them to take turns assisting holding a golden reflector so we could get a warm temperature on them.

fast session

Often in photography we don’t have a lot of time to plan before we have to do a session. Also often because some circumstances we might have to run as fast as we can do deliver the image. While I prefer to plan a shoot way before, sometimes a photographer has to work fast. Here is a sample of a mini session.
10 minutes = 20 images.
This is Stephanie, and while she was assisting in a shoot for her mom, we made together a really quick session for her. It took no longer than 10 minutes to get about 20 frames that were good.  I would like to share today Steph’s mini-session. I am thinking it’s a very practical way to get some nice images really fast and if there is interest I will be doing more of this.

1) It’s very cost effective

2) Its fast

3) and it’s fun

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PhotoVision deal

I found this on Facebook. David Terry was sharing with us.
I ordered and can’t wait to start studying the videos.
PhotoVision is one of the best values on the market for those wanting to improve their photography. It is a subscription to a set of DVDs (you get 6 during the year). Each DVD is filled with 3 hours worth of information from various speakers on various topics. These are real professionals sharing their secrets. The cost is normally $199, but if you use coupon code PVFAN you get the entire set for just $49.

2011 Holi Festival of Colors

Photos from the festival of colors will be ready soon. I had an engagement session with Camilla and Diogo and lots of randoms photos of people having fun at he festival. I absolutely love vivid + vibrant colors on my images.  Festival of colors gave me a great opportunity to play with it. Here you can see the first photos I post processed.

This girl didn’t see that coming. Disclaimer: No person was harmed in the making of this frames. 😉

The eyes are attracted to the minorities said once Kenneth Linge. I love the white on her eyes contrast with all the colors.

…and final but not least…I had a chance to make some fun and unique frames of Camilla and Diogo to celebrate their recent engagement. They were super fun to work with. I will write a blog post just about this later.

Thanks for visiting the blog. I took more than 1000 photos at the festival and you can see all the photos in this link. Not all are ready yet but I will be uploading more as they are ready.